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Amitabha Buddha in Newari Style

Size / Weight: 20x26 inches, 50x60 cm / 500 gms
Material: Pure 24 Carat Gold,Gouache and acrylic colors on Cotton Canvas



Amitabha Buddha is red in color and he is seated in a meditative posture ; hence his mudra is called ‘ dhyanamudra’ . His two palms are joined together with the right on the left , two thumbs of both hands touching each other . An Alms bowl is between his two palms . Here the hand gesture  , representing meditative equipoise ,  represents the unity of wisdom and compassion .

Through his knowledge of discriminate wisdom , a bodhisattva understands the empty nature of all sentient beings and develops great compassion for them . This is the dhyana or meditation of Buddha Amitabha .

His color is red , symbolizing the fires of desire . When  a Boddhisattva understands the discriminative wisdom of Amitabha Buddha he can use even the fires of desire on the path to Enlightenment . His symbol is lotus , representing purity . Though he himself is untainted by the evils of samsara , he nevertheless takes birth in samsara for the benefit of the sentient beings .

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