Beautiful Boddhisattva Chengrezig with traditional tibetan color and 24k gold




23.5 x 35.5 inches , 60 x 90 cms


500 gms


Pure 24 Carat Gold,Gouache and mineral pigments on Cotton Canvas

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Chengrezig - This form of Avalokiteshvara is widely used for devotional practice for the followers of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.His six syllabled mantra “ Om mani pad me hum” is  the household mantra for all Buddhists all around the world.

He has four hands, the first two pressed together at his heart makes Anjalimudra (Adamant form). He holds a wish fulfilling jewel, indicating that he has a mind of great compassion. He is adorned with silk and jewels and he wears an upper garment of an antelope skin signifying his compassionate and gentle nature. In his left hand, he holds a blue lotus flower and a crystal rosary with his right hand.

Manjushree -  “God of Divine Wisdom “ ,whose worship confers mastery of the dharma, retentive memory, mental perfection and eloquence. In Mahayana  Buddhist Tradition he is regarded as having supreme wisdom among bodhisattvas . He is also called prince of the Dharma because of his eloquent Wisdom.

Manjushree has the ability to see the nature of reality as it is. In Nepal, he is considered as the founder of Nepalese civilization and the creator of Kathmandu Valley. It is said that he cut the gorge of Chobhar hill with his flaming sword “Chandrahasa ” and let the waters flow out and thereby opened the valley for the human habitant to allow for the propagation of the Buddha Dharma.

He carries the sword of wisdom in his right hand and Prajna  Paramita  Manuscript on his left on top of the lotus blossom . It is believed that worshipping Manjushree can confer upon the worshipper’s wisdom, memory, intelligence etc.

Vajrapani is the embodiment of The Buddha's infinite power and is always represented in wrathful form. He is shown here in standing position. He wears a tiger skin, wrapped around in his waist symbolizing fearlessness and his hands display the threatening mudran or in other works his hands are in threatening posture .He holds a vajra a or the symbol of indestuctibility in his right hand and is adorned with a garland of snakes, the  embodiment of anger, which he transforms, by the force of his great compassion. He has a third eye of wisdom in the centre of his forehead and wears a crown of five skulls symbolizing his mastery of five wisdom of Buddhas and  a vajra is embedded on its topknot symbolizing his affiliation with the Vajrayana lineage.