Boddhisattva Green Tara Standing flanked by Vajrapani and Manjushree with brocade mounted




33 x 49 inches, 84 x 124 cms


500 gms


Pure 24 Carat Gold,Gouache and acrylic colors on Cotton Canvas

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Green Tara  or Dolma is often known as the great liberator who rescues beings from the eight great fears aroused by Elephants, lions, snakes, robbers, fire, water, demons and the government .She is one the bodhisattvas that Avalokiteshwora created from a drop of his tear.

Green tara is seated in a playful posture. Her right hand is in the Varadamudra because she is quick to respond to the petitions of those who seek her aid. She is adorned with five jewels symbolizing the Dhyani Five Buddhas . In both her hands she is holding utpala flowers, symbolizing her purity. Her color is green because her bodhisattva activity is swift like the wind element. On the bottom part of the painting Manjushree and Vajrapani is portrayed in devotional postures. They gaze at the deity eagerly as if they are making a petition to protect the world. Buddha Aparmita is seen on the top centre panel of the painting. The artist has placed the whole in a beautiful surrounding landscape of forest, brooks, and mountains. A light brown sky on the background has added profundity to the message of the painting.

Vajrapani is Blue in color and is worshipped for protection and strength and fearlerssness. Vajrapani is the embodiment of The Buddha's infinite power and is always represented in wrathful form. He is shown here in standing position. He wears a tiger skin, wrapped around in his waist symbolizing fearlessness and his hands display the threatening mudran or in other works his hands are in threatening posture .He holds a vajra a or the symbol of indestuctibility in his right hand and is adorned with a garland of snakes, the  embodiment of anger, which he transforms, by the force of his great compassion. He has a third eye of wisdom in the centre of his forehead and wears a crown of five skulls symbolizing his mastery of five wisdom of Buddhas and  a vajra is embedded on its topknot symbolizing his affiliation with the Vajrayana lineage.

Manjushree -  “God of Divine Wisdom “ ,whose worship confers mastery of the dharma, retentive memory, mental perfection and eloquence. In Mahayana  Buddhist Tradition he is regarded as having supreme wisdom among bodhisattvas . He is also called prince of the Dharma because of his eloquent Wisdom.