Super Fine quality Kalachakara deity with his consort Vishvamata




32 x 45 inches, 80 x 115 cms


Pure 24 Carat Gold,Gouache and mineral pigments on Cotton Canvas

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Kalchakra has four faces and tow legs . His front face is blue with bare fangs symbolizing anger , his right face is red embodying attachment , his left is white symbolizing peaceful state and his rear is yellow symbolizing calm abiding . Each has three eyes . His blue face is wrathful . He is adorned with may jewel ornaments , such as earrings , bracelets , necklace , crown , bangles and anklets and so on . He wears a tiger skin . Of his 24 arms , 12 arms are on each side . The first four arms are black , the middle red and the last four arms are white .

The first of the black arms embraces the consort and wields a vajra ; the second , a sword , the third , a trident , and the fourth , a cleaver . The first of the right red hands holds a flaming arrow , the second , a long handled vajra hook , the third , a Damaru , and the fourth , a hammer . The first right white hand holds a wheel , the second , a sword *(Sanskrit : kunta ) , the third , a jeweled stick , and the fourth , and axe.