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super fine masterpiece thangka of Bhagavana Shakyamuni Buddha

Size / Weight: 23 x 31.5 inches, 59 x 80.5 cms / 200 gms
Material: Pure 24 Carat Gold,Gouache and acrylic colors on Cotton Canvas


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Shakyamuni Buddha together with Dipankara and Maitreya.


In countries like Nepal and Tibet, art flows into the lives of their people, and almost all arts are considered sacred. Art is an integral part of society and it finds its way onto the magnificent temples and monasteries that have been erected for thousands of years. In Buddhism art is created as a window through which one enters the realm of ultimate wisdom and compassion.

To gain merit, one venerates upon a being who is endowed with wholesome wisdom and virtue. This breathtaking thangka painting of Buddha Shakyamuni is to achieve this same purpose. By venerating upon images of beings who have achieved the ultimate state of the pure mind, one attains merit and loosens the grip of self-grasping.


This elaborate painting of Shakyamuni Buddha took over 6 months for the artist to complete. Contemporary Eri Style Artist Mr.Chhewang Lama completed this painting in late January 2019. (Note Eri Style developed from the Ü and Tsang Provinces of Tibet since the early 19th century.)


Mr. Lama was born in the spring of ox wood year 1985 in a remote village of Kavre Palanchowk. He started painting thangkas from an early age and learned the basics and advanced skills from his mentor Master artist Mr.Man Bdr.Lama. Mr. Chhewang still considers himself a student of this sacred art form and still seeks to learn from his master although he has been training under him for over 20 years now.  Apart from painting thangkas, he has also used his skills to paint the murals of a monastery located at Namo Buddha – one of the holiest Buddhist pilgrimage sites.  


A masterwork of beauty and grace this gorgeous thangka took its artistic inspiration from a late 19th century Eri Style painting Of Shakyamuni Buddha with his two chief Disciples, kept in the Norbu Lingka Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. It was painted during the reign of the 13th Dalai Lama.

This joyful painting depicts the Past, present, and future buddhas together. The meticulously drawn arched back-support (Tib. Rgyab yol’) known as Torana in Sanskrit has been beautifully presented here with the mythological animals similar to the ones seen in the Buddhist cave Viharas of Ajanta and Ellora. The historical Buddha of our present era who was born around 500 BC, is drawn here seated on a moon disc, upon a multicolored lotus flower. He makes the ‘earth touching mudra with his right hand and holds the nectar-flowing alms bowl with his left hand which is resting effortlessly on his lap. He is flanked by his two chief disciples, Shariputra and Maudgalyana, each holding the metal Staff(Khakkhara) of a Buddhist mendicant and are dressed in full monk robes. The ruffled red robes are neatly worn around the upper and lower body of the Buddha with a green piece of cloth acting as a belt. The gold embellishment and floral patterns have been used to decorate the robes which are a mark of devotion on the part of the artist. His soothing radiant golden body is adorned with 32 major and 84 minor marks, which is a sign of a fully enlightened one. The two nimbuses surrounding the Body and Head of the Buddha have been adorned with intricately patterned Gold and bejeweled bands.


Buddha Shakyamuni is seated upon an ornately decorated throne lifted by the mighty lions posing handsomely on either side.  Behind the Buddha’s radiant bejeweled aura lies the exquisite Torana. There are offerings of succulent fruits, nectar-filled sea conch, musical instrument, mirror, and scarf representing the five senses at the fore of the throne. The lay followers happily carry them on their backs and chest. Various other rare ornaments and precious jewels are also offered in the bottom central part. These treasures seem to have been guarded by two gorgeous Dragons who are in turn holding precious stones to offer to the Buddha. You can almost feel the waters splashing against these auspicious offerings.

On either side of the throne are two symmetrical white Elephants covered with floral patterned silk brocades over their backs. On the back of the two elephants stand Two blue Lions that support an unusual-looking creature known as Sharabha. It is a combination of a head of a goat,  the horns of a deer, the mane of a lion, the body of a horse, and the feet of an antelope. Shrabha embodies the combined strength, perseverance,  speed, and intelligence of its hybrid nature. Two youthful Devas or Gods wearing colorful silk garments and jewelry sit upon the Sharabha and hold up over their heads jeweled crossbeams with gold embellishment.  Crouching over these crossbeams are two fierce-looking  Makaras or Crocodiles with their feet like a talon of an eagle and their half body similar to a fish. At the end of their beautiful feathered Makara tails, two young Nagaraja or Serpent kings with their lower bodies in the form of a serpent are being held in the grips of the sharp talons of the Majestic Garuda. Garuda- the lord of all birds, with a human torso and wings, legs, and head of a bird of prey is devouring upon a long snake. His flying wings, Outstretched arms, and bulging eyes look intimidating. Right below Garuda the enchanting snake devouring head of Kirtimukha or the “face of glory” appears with a garland of precious stones adorning Buddhas' head sprouting out of its mouth.


To understand the ornate Torana of the throne of the Buddha, we have to associate the different creatures to the six perfections leading to the enlightened state.


 The perfection of Generosity (Dana) is represented by Garuda, the perfection of Morality ( Shila ) by the Two Nagas, the perfection of Patience (Khyanti) by the two Makaras, the perfection of effort (Birya) by the two Devas, the perfection of concentration (Samadhi) by the two elephants and the perfection of wisdom (Pragya) by the two lions.


A canopy of beautifully shaded colorful flowers and flower buds appears behind the Torana.  The serene natural landscape, distant green hills, waterfalls, and spring water arouses a feeling of freshness one feels during the monsoon period when everything is clean and green.  A peculiar set of trees very similar to the Japanese Sakura tree has been painted amidst the background. This must be because Mr.Chhewang Lama draws much of his inspiration of the Japanese form of Buddhist art also.


Buddha Dipankara and Buddha Maitreya flank the Sambhogakaya of Amitayus at the top. All three images imbue a deep sense of devotion.

Overall this thangka offers a unique opportunity for dharma followers and connoisseurs to augment their collection and venerate the one being who freed himself from all the sufferings of Samasara.














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Amazed by their customer service and collection. Would definitely recommend them to everyone

Really Great Customer Service and very beautiful thangka collection.

This is a magnificent piece of Buddha Shakyamuni thangka. Masterfully executed in rich, vibrant colors with illuminating detail; The silk brocade frame compliments the painting beautifully and forms a focal point in our praying/meditation room I receive the piece earlier than expected in good shape; and prior to purchase, Rajendra was responding quickly and very helpful in providing high resolution picture for my further evaluation. Thank you Rajendra and surely I will be back again.

I was extremely pleased with the quality of the unique thangka I received, as well as the immaculate brocade. Communication with Ritual Thanka has been a pleasure, and shipping was faster than I could have hoped for. Six stars! :)

This is my second purchase - and it will not be my last. Service is fast and efficient. My first thanka came incredibly well packaged.

Absolutely beautiful! Such an intricate design. Painting arrived in perfect condition and pretty quickly considering its tour of the world! Thank you so much.

absolutely stunning piece of craftsmanship

Stunning quality. Perfect for our home shrine. Thank you.

Wife loved her birthday gift not in content and quality of the painting.

The Chenrezig thangka is a truly beautiful work of art. My expectations were exceeded. It will be a treasured work of art in my life and an inspiration for my practice. When I buy another thankga, I will definitely look at RitualThanka again. Thanks so much!