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Code : 46670
Size : 28x19.5in, 70x49 cms
Price : $690.00
Buddha Mandala
Buddha Mandala
Code : 45655
Size : 27x22in, 69x56 cms
Price : $1950.00
108 White Tara
108 White Tara
Code : 44749
Size : 38x29.5in, 97x72 cms
Price : $1350.00

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Amazed by their customer service and collection. Would definitely recommend them to everyone

Absolutely beautiful! Such an intricate design. Painting arrived in perfect condition and pretty quickly considering its tour of the world! Thank you so much.

absolutely stunning piece of craftsmanship

Stunning quality. Perfect for our home shrine. Thank you.

Wife loved her birthday gift not in content and quality of the painting.

The Chenrezig thangka is a truly beautiful work of art. My expectations were exceeded. It will be a treasured work of art in my life and an inspiration for my practice. When I buy another thankga, I will definitely look at RitualThanka again. Thanks so much!