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Amoghpasha Lokeshvara Thangka

Size / Weight: 15.5 x 11 Inches /
Material: Pure 24 Carat Gold,Gouache and acrylic colors on Cotton Canvas


  • May 20

  • May 22 - May 24

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This beautiful piece of art is over 25 years old (The Early 1900s). Although there is no mention of the artist’s actual name, the skillful detailing, uniform brush strokes, and unique composition show the mark of an expert artist. Its exceptional quality comes from the masterful artistry that is present here. We acquired the painting from the possession of a Japanese collector about ten years ago (August 2014). However, we know little else about the origins of the said painting except for the date of its creation. In the thangka painting, you can see that the artist has given it their personal touch, which makes it so distinctive.


The size of the painting, what kind of materials have been used, color coding and others


Amogpasha Lokeshvara, also known as the “Unfailing Noose Lord of the world,” is one of the many forms of Avalokiteshvara. In Indic Buddhism, Avalokiteshvara is a fully enlightened Bodhisattva. Avalokiteshvara will stray away from their path of Parinirvana (final cessation) until all sentient beings are safe. Avalokiteshvara can assume any form, be it human or non-human. 


As a deity, Amogpasha is an embodiment of altruistic (selfless) compassion. In Buddhist scriptures, Amogpasha is the embodiment of Dharnis or mantras (Sanskrit prayers whose repetition is said to strengthen religious belief and facilitate attainment). 


According to the Amoghapasa Dharani Sutra, “Amoghapasa is the secret, wise ruler of everything in this world. A practitioner who has received the teachings of this mantra will be able to recite all the mantras and completely perform all deeds.” The repeated recitation of the mantras from Amoghapasa’s scriptures promises the attainment of spiritual and material benefits. These benefits include spiritual benefactions like supernatural power, skill in religious practice and the six perfections of Bodhisattva practice, understanding Buddhist teaching, and release from primary and secondary causes of suffering. Material benefits include immortality, happiness, wealth, cure for all diseases, control over the weather, and overcoming disasters.


Amoghapasha in the painting appears in princely attire, adorned in rich jewelry. On his head is a gold crown with the image of Amitabha Buddha, his progenitor. The eight armed Amoghapasha holds a flask (Kundika) on his principal left hand while his principal right hand is in Abhaya Mudra, signifying protection, peace and elimination of fear. 


On his top left hand Amoghapasha holds a scripture and on the right hand he holds recitation beads (mala). The scripture signifies that he imparts wisdom to devotees so that they can attain liberation from cyclic existence while recitation beads signifies that he imparts wisdom to devotees. 



Amoghapasha is the embodiment of Dharanies or mantras.


Appears six armed with princely colorful attire,seven colors of rainbow. Wearing rich jewelry, elaborate hair arrangement with crown. Image of amitabha buddha on his crown (his progenitor)


Principal hands, in right hand a gesture of bestowal with palm facing upwards (showing compassion)

In left hand a stalk of lotus, the lotus flower appears above shoulders


Upper two hands: one hold recitation bead and other holds a scripture


Middle hands : One holding trident one holding adamantine noose (Vajra Pasa) after which the god gets his name

  Third pair of hands: flask or kundika


Aura of radiance


 Scripture: Signifies that he imparts wisdom to devotees and they thereby attain liberation from cyclic existence

 Holding a lotus: signifies that he liberates the sentient beings residing in the hell relms from the suffering of intence heat (usna) and cold (sita) just like a lotus which emerges from muddy water perfectly unfamished


Amogapasa: symbolizes that he had infallible skill in means for converting ignorant sentient beings into  the path of liberation


Holding a water pot: signifies that he has the capacity of empowering and leading all sentient beings into buddhahood


Abhayamudra: Symbolizes that one who practices the astamivarta sincerely is protected from falling into lower realms


A string of beads/rosary: signifies that by the recitation of the six-syllable mantra of avalokitesvara, one frees oneself from the bondage of samsara


Holding a trident: Signifies that he purifies the three poisons of sentient beings i.e. lust, ill will and stupidity


Gesture of Varada Mudra : Signifies that those who practice and generate compassion and bodhichitta receive all desired things


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Amazed by their customer service and collection. Would definitely recommend them to everyone

Really Great Customer Service and very beautiful thangka collection.

This is a magnificent piece of Buddha Shakyamuni thangka. Masterfully executed in rich, vibrant colors with illuminating detail; The silk brocade frame compliments the painting beautifully and forms a focal point in our praying/meditation room I receive the piece earlier than expected in good shape; and prior to purchase, Rajendra was responding quickly and very helpful in providing high resolution picture for my further evaluation. Thank you Rajendra and surely I will be back again.

I was extremely pleased with the quality of the unique thangka I received, as well as the immaculate brocade. Communication with Ritual Thanka has been a pleasure, and shipping was faster than I could have hoped for. Six stars! :)

This is my second purchase - and it will not be my last. Service is fast and efficient. My first thanka came incredibly well packaged.

Absolutely beautiful! Such an intricate design. Painting arrived in perfect condition and pretty quickly considering its tour of the world! Thank you so much.

absolutely stunning piece of craftsmanship

Stunning quality. Perfect for our home shrine. Thank you.

Wife loved her birthday gift not in content and quality of the painting.

The Chenrezig thangka is a truly beautiful work of art. My expectations were exceeded. It will be a treasured work of art in my life and an inspiration for my practice. When I buy another thankga, I will definitely look at RitualThanka again. Thanks so much!