Arya Manjushree Yidam of all the great master scholars | Buddha and Boddhisattvas | Ritual Thanka
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Arya Manjushree Yidam of all the great master scholars

Size / Weight: 35x23.5 Inches /
Material: Pure 24 Carat Gold,Gouache and acrylic colors on Cotton Canvas


  • May 20

  • May 22 - May 24

  • May 26 - May 28



Arya Manjushree 


Buddhism is the path, which leads to happiness by cleansing one's mind of all the impurities. It basically helps to develop two things: Compassion and Wisdom. These two are the basic true nature of the awakened mind. The ultimate manifestation of Buddha’s Wisdom is Arya Manjushri. Manjushri is also known as Jambeyang in Tibetan, Wen-shu in Chinese, and Monju Bosatsu in Japan.



This beautiful Painting of Arya Manjushri was completed by master Artist Mr. Man Bdr. Tamang in late November 2016. This beautiful Painting of the “Lord of wisdom” is seen gracefully seated in vajra-posture upon a moon disc, on top of a lotus throne. He is golden-orange in color and is adorned with all the jewel ornaments of a Boddhisattva. He wears the five jeweled crown over his head, representing the five DhyaniBuddhas. Ornate golden bracelets add to his royalness along with intricately designed armlets and anklets. He is also wearing circular-shaped jeweled earrings and two jeweled necklaces held together with beads around his neck. His body is covered with magically flowing silk Garments which have been flawlessly decorated with elegant designs of flower petals. The yellow-colored shining decorative flower designs over the skirt are simply outstanding. All of these designs along with all the other bright yellow elements emitting reddish gleam are pure 24karat Gold. The artist has used his skills to the fullest while applying the gold.  This same Goldwork is also used to manifest the light rays emanating from the body of the youthful bodhisattva against the bluish inner halo, which has been encircled by an intricately drawn fire circle adorned with precious stones. Manjushree sits majestically against the backdrop of snowy mountains, Green hills, and free-flowing icy mountain water. If you look closely you will see the countless hours of shading work that has been invested in bringing the landscape and the flowers to life.  A transparent rainbow is depicted from one end of the snow-capped mountain to the far end of the other side only to be covered by Amitabha Buddha right above Manjushri’s head, who is also seated on a lotus throne. The detail work on this thumb-sized Buddha is equally breathtaking and beautiful. The skill of the artist is once more demonstrated here when you inspect the elements of the face of The Amitabha Buddha.

The right hand of Manjushri holds the Vajra handle of the Wisdom-Sword covered with coiling blazing wisdom fire. The sharp iron blade of this wisdom sword is metaphorically used, to cut through ignorance which binds us to Samsara. This very ignorance is the main reason for clinging to self and from there all the suffering arises. Just like a sharp blade penetrates and cuts through the hardest of objects, the wisdom sword or the teachings of the Buddha helps one cut through delusions of Me and Mine-the root cause of Suffering. With his left hand, he holds the stem of a pastel blue lotus flower, supporting the mother of all Buddhist Texts the “Pragyaparamita-Sutra.”


The use of the traditional colors brings a deep sense of peace and calm to any person who views this Thangka painting. The richness added by the use of 24 Karat gold and the sheer skill of the experienced artist, makes this painting a collector’s choice and a practitioner’s support for their devotion.


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Amazed by their customer service and collection. Would definitely recommend them to everyone

Really Great Customer Service and very beautiful thangka collection.

This is a magnificent piece of Buddha Shakyamuni thangka. Masterfully executed in rich, vibrant colors with illuminating detail; The silk brocade frame compliments the painting beautifully and forms a focal point in our praying/meditation room I receive the piece earlier than expected in good shape; and prior to purchase, Rajendra was responding quickly and very helpful in providing high resolution picture for my further evaluation. Thank you Rajendra and surely I will be back again.

I was extremely pleased with the quality of the unique thangka I received, as well as the immaculate brocade. Communication with Ritual Thanka has been a pleasure, and shipping was faster than I could have hoped for. Six stars! :)

This is my second purchase - and it will not be my last. Service is fast and efficient. My first thanka came incredibly well packaged.

Absolutely beautiful! Such an intricate design. Painting arrived in perfect condition and pretty quickly considering its tour of the world! Thank you so much.

absolutely stunning piece of craftsmanship

Stunning quality. Perfect for our home shrine. Thank you.

Wife loved her birthday gift not in content and quality of the painting.

The Chenrezig thangka is a truly beautiful work of art. My expectations were exceeded. It will be a treasured work of art in my life and an inspiration for my practice. When I buy another thankga, I will definitely look at RitualThanka again. Thanks so much!