Code: 44695

Small Sized darker shade Dzambala mounted on a brocade

Size / Weight: 28.3 x 43 inches, 72 x 109 cms / 500 gms
Material: Pure 24 Carat Gold,Gouache and acrylic colors on Cotton Canvas



Zambala is originally the Hindu god of riches and the treausre of wealth such as gold,silver,and gems,and is also the earth spirits(Yaksha)who guard the treasures hidden in the roots of the trees.

In this beautiful golden Thangka painting of the god of wealth we can see the magnificient art work that the artist has put in.Each and every detailed features of the Zambala are  finely portrayed and added artistic influences make the Thangka even more beautiful.We can see the mongoose sitting on his lap and vomiting riches such as gold and diamonds.It is also believed that by worshipping this deity we can attain more riches in our lives.

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